Edutech Solutions services are a product of the previously owned company Aimera, which was a licensed supplier of water and waste supply in the competitive water market in Scotland. The company grew to profitably serve 5% of the available the market. In 2017 Aimera was acquired by Verastar Limited a multi-utility provider in the UK and a subsidiary of the Private Equity company Vitruvian Partners.

Aimera supplied every business sector and accounts in these sectors included Denholm Seafoods, Amazon, Aldi and Royal Bank of Scotland. The primary service was retailing the supply of water and removal of associated waste services in the same way deregulated electricity, gas and telecoms networks trade. What became apparent to Aimera was that the monopoly wholesale provider was at times knowingly and unknowingly levying additional or excessive charges to customers. The added value service Aimera provided uncovered these, at a micro level these were incorrect tariffs and supply size measures. However more complex charges relating to regulatory charges have been discovered.

The newly launched Edutech offer seeks to unearth these for customers on a no win no fee basis. Although analysis is complex and multi-dimensional requiring gathering sometimes years of data and regulatory intervention, following agreement to proceed a customer has no further action other than to read and if required comment on update progress notes provided on a biweekly basis.

Our team are extremely experienced in the utility, regulatory  and construction sectors and offer services to our clients with wealth of customer service experience.